Genius Romanizations lilac lyrics – IU
The music video shows how IU goes on a train with a chart filled of stops saying— “The Spring of Twenty” , “Modern Times” , “Modern Times-EP” , “A Flower Bookmark” and more titles inspired by her previous music projects in timeline. It lastly stops at LILAC which is the name of the song and the album that is involved with this music project. In the , she welcomes herself into the train twirling in cheer and showing her excitement. The train transitions into a disco floor with IU dancing, into a martial arts vintage movie then a painted animation showing the spring season of IU. Lastly she heads back into the train into a new colorful outfit feeling happier than ever.
I’ve mainly written calm songs that tell personal stories so far. I decided that that wasn’t the right fit for this album’s tone, so I didn’t hesitate to remove those.” “LILAC” leaned more toward being like a blockbuster than an indie film. lilac lyrics It’s true that it would be closer to a commercial film than an indie film. There are times in the planning stages for concerts when more so than anything else, I want to put on a show that’s totally entertaining. Lyrically, the song is an anthem that represents IU’s birthday in the year, which takes place in spring. She waves goodbye to the years of twenty and waves hello to coming close to the age of thirty while pointing out to the fake fans to love her only till this spring. With the additional catchy groove to the track, she also takes time to make the music video into a whole film. She explains the music video as: She also aims for a storytelling album experience for the listeners to calmly listen to. Genius Romanizations lilac lyrics – IUGenius Romanizations lilac lyrics – IU Ask us a question about this song Ask a question Original Song Genius Answer 1 contributor Click here . She gives out a quick statement about the albums songs on Soompi , she’s making them involve some type of story or not by saying: The blossoming track involves a disco-pop track mixing with the element of electronic-pop, these tracks give the song a groovy mood to the listeners. The track also performed good on charts and music-streaming websites such as Genie, MelOn, FLO and Bugs. For charts “LILAC” was No.1 on K-pop Hot 100 in South Korea and No.11 on US World Digital Songs in Billboard, No. lilac meaning in telugu 1